Writing Educational Nonfiction

[various books I have written ]

I have been writing educational materials for years. I enjoy the work and understand the market. This profession combines my love of learning with a desire to share that enthusiasm.

I have written for most major publishers, as well as minor ones. My goal is to create clear, lively, and interesting materials that meet clients' needs, specifications, and deadlines. I pay close attention to details, such as length restrictions, and have been told by numerous clients that my work needs little editing.
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I now limit my work to minibooks, leveled readers, graded readers, and special features. I write fiction as well as nonfiction on a variety of subjects, including history, science, social studies, and retellings of folk tales and legends. I work quickly, research thoroughly, document my sources, and provide useful and appropriate art specifications and links.

If you are a publisher, developer, or editor, please contact me. We can discuss your needs, whether they be for one book or a series.

For information about my qualifications and experience, please look at my resume or e-mail me.

Updated April 20, 2014.